Student Quotes


Très bon cour, tres bon formateur !


I had the pleasure of attending 2 courses with your instructor back to back across almost 2 weeks and it would be a mistake saying he only teaches. He lives every word, he makes a classroom come alive with the wonders of Enterprise Architecture and the vast knowledge he brings with him as well as the extent of his patience is unmistakeably one in a million. He is hands-down the best educator I have ever come across and this definitely won’t be my last course with him. His experience across the Enterprise and Software World is noteworthy.

I have never gained so much knowledge in such a short space of time. Thanks!

South Africa

I attended an extended […] course led by your instructor in July 2017.

It was a privilege to get training from a guy that is really passionate about IT, that has a wealth of knowledge and knows what it takes (theory vs. practice) to move from the classroom environment into the real world.

A big challenge presented to your instructor was to lecture a class full of students that had no or very little knowledge about the subject at hand. It was amazing to me how your instructor challenged our minds to learn, think and experience many different concepts, ideas and theory throughout the course. Apart from using the course material, he also used his own library full of useful examples and demos to discuss and explain concepts.

Even though the class was a bit overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge and new information, your instructor managed to keep the atmosphere relaxed, interesting and full of little funny moments.

Another big positive for me was the flow of topics throughout the week: your instructor covered chapters and topics from the courseware in an order that made more logical sense, and all the concepts from the week converged meaningfully into the demo on the final day. He managed to get us all excited about the product, and made me personally revise different aspects of my current working practices.

I really enjoyed the course presented by your instructor and would recommend him as lecturer to anyone.

South Africa

Thought Provoking

I attended the Spring course imparted by [your trainer] at CERN. The course itself was really well prepared, timing was on point, and we even had time to talk about broader matters: software design, core java, scala, architecture, java core...

As a teacher [he] was great, thought provoking, and provoking, making me rethink past decisions I took on projects, which certainly I wouldn't take again if I took this course before.

So to sum up, great contents, great teacher and a great experience where I learnt a lot


The experience with [one of your trainers] during the 4 days of Spring course was extraordinary at technical, professional and personal level. Is it was great having the chance to share some hours with someone with such a long history of working on the field and with really interesting and founded points of view. Technically there is no doubt he masters the topic and I feel we could have use an extra day to dig deeper or talk more about other interesting technologies out there since [he] seems to know almost all of them.

I would not hesitate to recommend [him] as a trainer or attend some other course taught by him.



Not Bored!

thanks for the three days last week. I learned a few things which will make my future camel projects a bit better. I was not bored at all, [sometimes] during a training a instructor with a boring voice can make the course day very long. This was not the case with you. You were good at switching between slides, labs and breaks so the time did not feel very long. This was the best training session / workshop I have seen from [...].


Très bien passée

La formation s'est très bien passée et tu as su trouver des mots simples pour nous expliquer des concepts complexes et tu as su adapter le cours à notre niveau (plutôt faible) en java et en développement en général. Cette semaine de formation a été très agréable et m'a permit de bien appréhender le produit [...].


Thanks a lot

It has been a good experience having the course with [...], you never get tired of absorbing wide information from his Open Knowledge, and if you slip a little bit, he manages to re-grab your attention immediately with a funny spin



Excellent professor!

Patient, teacher and always plays little jokes to relax everybody and help to support the difficult side of the course! Little jokes which strengthen the not-stop concentration required throughout the day! Always he found the best easiest way to explains huge things and make sure that no body is lost!


... [His] provocative delivery of the materials kept everyone interested, and it was far more interesting than just reading through the course notes and doing the exercises.

United Kingdom

One of the best trainers I've had the pleasure of learning from. [He] provided my team with a training course on [...]. He was engaging, entertaining and highly knowledgeable throughout. Beyond the technical walkthroughs, he provided valuable insight into the theory and practice of business process management, business rules and software architecture. He challenges his audience and pushes people to think deeply about fundamentals of good software design and creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment for learning

United Kingdom

It was great your formation, I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again :)


For me the Course was very good. For me the additional Infos during the Course are extremely good. The different Viewpoint of the Problems. The different tools like scala :) An so on...


Because of your way to present and to teach, the course was at no time uninteresting. And even there was a lot of information for us to learn you managed it to answer to all our questions. Also the ones which were not really related to the current topic. [...] If there is a possibility I will recommend you as teacher. Because not every teacher is able to impart a big bunch of knowledge in such a short time, that anyone is able to use it immediately without further readings.



I just wanted to say a big thank you for the course, I have been able to get off to a flying start using [...], finding my way through the different parts of the system and working through faults/exceptions. The sections of the course covering [...] are particularly relevant and I have found the knowledge I gained very useful.

United Kingdom

I was extremely pleased with [his] knowledge and demeanour while he gave us a developer course about [...]. It was very refreshing to have a no-nonsense teacher that's not afraid to put pupils on the spot, showing them what they're doing wrong in anything but sugarcoated ways, all the while using pragmatic arguments as to how things can be improved, sowing seeds of methodological and technological revolutionary ideas.


We engaged [edc4t's] services to present a number of courses internally to our company on [...]. He is is a very gifted educator and enriches the standard course content with years of real world experiences.

Still believe that he has presented the best courses on [the subject] that I have ever attended and would be my first pick for any future training.

South Africa


You are extremely knowledgeable in computer science (I don’t think I’ve encountered anyone in the past 10 years who is as knowledgeable), and in the areas of history, theory, and implementation and coding. You were able to adapt to adapt well to the various skill levels of the class participants. Even though I had taken the class before, I still learned a lot when you taught it; you provided a lot of meaningful background.

United States

[He] is one of the best educators I have met. He had a deep understanding of course material and seemed actively engaged in ensuring his material was current and consistent with industry standards and prospects. He is charismatic, self confident and engages his audience well. His interpersonal skills allowed him to interact with our diverse group of students whose experience levels ranged from none to semi-professional.

the Netherlands

[He] is able to convey a complex subject to a group of trainees in an engaging and entertaining way, making the effort of obtaining or refining technical skills an enjoyable experience. Despite some previous knowledge on the subject, I still learned many new insights during the training I received.

the Netherlands

[He] is a experienced and motivated trainer, he is clear in his explanations and I liked the real world examples he gave during his courses. I have learned a lot of new technologies and my vision on object oriented programming changed completely in a good way. [The instructor] has a strong personality which makes him a good trainer and also a great person to chat with outside the workplace

the Netherlands

[The instructor] is a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer, he ensures the entire classroom is engaged when teaching. Next to his wealth of technical knowledge he is a thought leader and true evangelist of SOA and BPM. [He] is very professional in the workplace, and outside the work place also a great personality.

the Netherlands

[He] knows his stuff. and it shows. Humor and abundant knowledge combined. It's a winning combination

the Netherlands

All in all I have to say that your course was not only very educational but also entertaining and had a good mixture of theory and practice. I only whished we could have done that a couple of month earlier.



I must say I am so grateful for your having opened my eyes to what a true ESB is, I have been fooling myself that I understood this concept, but your course really helped me appreciate what it is and I hope to build on this knowledge you gave me.

South Africa

Every minute of the course was very interesting and enjoying. The subjects were very much relavant and focused on our needs.


It was a pleasure for me to attend the class as well. The best thing about your teaching style, among others, was the distinction between do’s and don’ts. My answers were answered without being vague, I really appreciated that. You didn’t just gave us a torch and said “ok, you are now on your own” but guided us to the end and showing/explaining what would happen if you hit a bump along the road. I think that alone shows that you are a great teacher.


It was fun being on your course, I always admire trainers with intensive touch :)


[...] Over the years I've attended a number of courses and most resulted in mind numbing repetition and following text being read out by the instructor. I feared more of the same but was caught by surprise at just how well [he] presented his material. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and would constantly push you to come up with the answers yourself. He commanded the room and your attention so much so that the days flew by. I would have no hesitation in recommending [he] as he is truly one of the most knowledgeable people in his field I have met to date


I enjoyed the course very much. Unlike most instructors, [he] kept up the energy in the class during the entire day, which is quite a feat. The topics which that were covered in the course were very diverse, and [he] showed himself to be an expert in all of them. Thanks.

the Netherlands

It was a good training we all learned a lot from it. I wish we had more courses like this on a regular basis. And thanks for the examples.